MRI-US Fusion Guided Prostate Biopsy

The gold standard in prostate biopsy until recently has been trans-rectal ultrasound (US) guided prostate biopsy. This allows for real-time imaging of the prostate and accurate anatomic identification of which area of the prostate is being biopsied, but does not offer accurate visualisation of suspicious areas within the prostate. The addition of pre-biopsy MRI has allowed for more accurate biopsy by allowing the urologist to determine the anatomic locations of suspicious areas prior to biopsy and cognitively target biopsy at these areas. The fusion of MRI images and real-time ultrasound has introduced a new era of targeted prostate biopsy. Suspicious areas identified on MRI are mapped and fused with ultrasound images to allow for accurate targeting under real-time ultrasound guidance.

BioJet MRI-US Fusion Technology

We are happy to be able to offer MRI-US fusion using BioJet technology. Please read more about prostate biopsy here.